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Solder Wire

Product description


Product modelMelting point℃Application

Electronic industry, home appliance manufacturing, automobile manufacturing,

machine maintenance, etc,.


Solder wire characteristics:

1, good wetting, conductivity, thermal conductivity, easy to be tinned. 

2, according to customer requirements to custermize rosin content, welding does not splash. 

3, flux is evenly distributed, no broken flux inside the tin core. 

4, the winding is even, tinned quickly and very little residue

Solder wire types:

Rosin core soldering wire

The rosin core solder wire is made of high quality rosin. The rosin core is divided into three types: r-type (non-active), RAM type (moderately active) and RA (highly active). It has the characteristics of good wettability, reliable solder joint, good technical performance and good pointer, etc. We have a variety of alloy ratio and line diameter of rosin core solder wire for customers to choose.

Disposable solder wire

To cope with the global restrictions on the use of CFC solvent of the Montreal international convention, and also satisfy the high precision, high reliable disposable welding technology, our company provides a variety of alloy proportion and wire diameter of disposable solder wire for customers to choose from. This product has characteristics of reliable, clean, low ion pollution high insulation resistance and very little residue after welding.

Water soluble solder wire

This product is in accordance with the electronic product water cleaning process which cancels ODS material. It has the characteristics of quick welding speed, bright welding spot and easy to wash after welding. Our company has variety of alloy proportion and line diameter water soluble solder wire for customers to choose.

Special solder wire for bulb holder

It is developed for the bulb welding in the lighting industry. It has the characteristics of good wetness, reliable welding spot and no corrosion of the residue. Our company offers variety of alloy proportion and diameter of special solder wire for customers to choose.

High temperature solder wire

It is specially developed for the current double-sided PCB welding, the melting point is high and the solder is reliable, so that the components on the PCB can be stabilized through the high temperature condition of the tin stove. 

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