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The current world energy structure is now changing. Countries all over the world vied for the energy transformation, with the clean low-carbon new booming energy revolution, new clean energy to replace traditional energy has become the trend of new generation. China as the world's largest energy producer and consumer, in the field of photovoltaic solar energy has made remarkable achievements. China's solar photovoltaic industry has been leading by a group of enterprises that produce photovoltaic solar cells, and the industrial scale, concentration and market share have been further improved. It is expected that in the next 10 years, domestic photovoltaic solar energy will maintain medium to high speed growth, and the industrial development will take a new step.

Mingfu Metal has CNC servo system and a number of advanced production equipment for tinned copper strip production, which has the ability to produce tinned copper strip with good oxidation resistance and excellent electrical conductivity (> 100%). Our annual production capacity is over 200 tons. Tinned copper strip can be used as a photovoltaic solar cell rectifier belt. Mingfu Metal believes good quality photovoltaic solar cell components can help the photovoltaic solar industry to develop more rapidly and steady.